New Project – Laramie River Study

LYNCHBURG, VA — October 13, 2016

TRAX has been awarded a new project by Basin Electric Power Cooperative, and will perform a transient analysis for Unit 1 at the Laramie River Station.  Laramie River Unit 1 is being updated with a new selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, along with a hydrated lime injection system and new ID fans.

TRAX will generate dynamic models of the furnace draft portion of the unit being studied, including process equipment and controls.  The models with be subjected to a number of severe transients representing normal and abnormal operation.  The primary goals of this study will be to confirm system transient pressure behavior, and to define recommended control system logic needed to maintain system pressures within established design criteria.  TRAX will examine the new equipment and proposed new control logic that is part of this furnace draft study for compliance with NFPA 85 code, and make recommended changes to bring the proposed system into compliance.
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