ProTRAX 7.2 Release

LYNCHBURG, VA—March 8, 2013

TRAX has released a significant ProTRAX update: ProTRAX version 7.2.  TRAX will begin distributing the latest release to customers with current ProTRAX licenses, enabling these customers to enjoy new features and enhanced modeling accuracy.

A new “CFB” module set has been made available for use with this version of ProTRAX.  This module set can be used to model circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers.  The modules in this set include:

  • CFBCYCS—a steam-cooled separation cyclone used with a CFB furnace
  • CFBFEEDER—an air cannon feeder which thrusts solid fuel into the bed of a CFB furnace using high-pressure air
  • CFBFRN—a drum-type CFB boiler including the fluidized bed, furnace waterwalls, steam drum, downcomer, and waterwall circulation pumps
  • CFBJVALV—a loop seal for a CFB boiler
  • CFBSPHTR—a superheater inserted in a fluidized bed boiler

The new release also updates the manner in which ProTRAX calculates steam/water properties, enhancing the accuracy of those calculations.  ProTRAX 7.2 bases its steam/water calculations on the 2007 version of the Thermodynamic Properties of Water and Steam—as published by the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS)—which has been accepted by engineering organizations in the United States and internationally as the industry standard.

Within the ProTRAX software suite, TRAX adapted the Runtime Executive program (RTEXEC) to take an incremental approach to flagging “no response from model” messages.  This improves reliability by allowing a simulation to continue operating through short-term network communication upsets.  Version 7.2 also includes significant changes to the superheater, evaporator, boiler, pipe, and pump modules, as well as some control modules.

To learn more about ProTRAX features, capabilities, and performance, visit our ProTRAX web pages.