Instructor Training

Clearly, to get the most out of a training simulator experience, you must be properly trained on its use. That’s why every one of our simulation customers receives operations training prior to delivery, thereby ensuring that all instructors are primed and ready for training, right when the simulator is ready for training when the simulator is delivered.

Simulator Operations Training for Instructors

The primary focus of TRAX simulator operations training is giving your training personnel the knowledge and confidence to use ProTRAX® instructor station features. The classroom/workshop environment allows participants to immediately apply learned principles through practical exercises at the instructor console. During the course of this program, students gain proficiency and confidence from using the instructor station’s many features. They learn and practice such skills as creating and invoking malfunctions, logging and plotting variables and monitoring and recording student performance, among many others.

In addition, class participants:

  • Gain a conceptual understanding of the ProTRAX® simulation system, including modeling, nomenclature and software structure.
  • Learn to develop technical training using the Systematic Approach to Training.
  • Learn to design, script, validate, and run training scenarios.

On-Site Training for Instructors

TRAX on-site training is led by an expert, on-site TRAX trainer who remains with you to help your plant instructor during simulator training. Working side-by-side with an experienced TRAX trainer, your instructor develops a high level of expertise and comfort, working with the simulator instructor station, while also gaining valuable presentation and communication skills, such as:

  • Making optimal use of the simulator, during instructor demonstrations.
  • Effective use of simulator training documents during training.
  • Using role playing as a training tool.
  • Monitoring student performance.