Instructorless Training

We are in the midst of a new paradigm in training. No longer is the traditional setting of “instructor/classroom/three-ring binder” viable. Companies first look to the “anytime, anywhere” advantage of instructorless training. The benefits are twofold. First, by reducing labor and travel, instructorless training provides a significantly lower cost per student.  Second, because trainees log more training hours, instructorless training accelerates qualification without compromising the quality of the learning experience. TRAX has instructorless training solutions for all our simulators, including site-installed and those deployed over the Internet with ProTRAX Cloud™.

ProTRAX Cloud™

ProTRAX Cloud™ is a technology that migrates the power of a traditional simulator to an eLearning environment over the Internet. With ProTRAX Cloud™, students at multiple locations can train concurrently on a high-fidelity power plant simulator and in an instructorless setting. For more information on instructorless training with ProTRAX Cloud™ >

ProTRAX Teaching Assistant™

The ProTRAX Teaching Assistant™ helps students complete an operating procedure in the proper sequence by displaying brief on-screen messages that guide the student through each procedure step.  The student decides how much help is needed by requesting additional information until it’s clear how the step is performed. As each step is completed, the ProTRAX Teaching Assistant™ works in the background to monitor and record the actual sequence.

ProTRAX Teaching Assistant™ Software

The ProTRAX Teaching Assistant™  software package includes the easy-to-use, TBuilder™ toolset. This object-oriented software tool enables the user to build an unlimited number of new lessons and maintain the lessons delivered with the software.

Building ProTRAX Teaching Assistant™ Lessons

Plant-specific, ProTRAX Teaching Assistant™ lessons are built and run with a special software suite developed by TRAX and installed as an interactive program on the simulator’s operator and instructor consoles. After the customer selects the component or system for the lessons, TRAX works with the site training department to develop the sequence and content of each lesson’s learning activity. Content includes the procedural steps necessary to operate the system or component and the advice associated with each step. Content also can include helpful excerpts from system descriptions, digital photos and relevant videos.

Learning with the ProTRAX Teaching Assistant™

To begin a lesson, the student logs onto the ProTRAX Teaching Assistant™ from an operator console and selects a lesson. The teaching assistant bar, located at the bottom of the screen, displays the current step of the operating procedure and provides tools to enhance the learning experience. Operation of the simulated plant is performed in the normal fashion, through the DCS graphics: VISUAL >

  • Each lesson begins with an introduction describing the lesson’s training activities, followed by a list of the learning objectives.
  • Next, students are prompted to complete the first procedural step. If the student knows how to perform the step, he or she completes the actions and moves to the next step.
  • If the student is unsure, he or she can display a series of hints, until it becomes clear how the step must be performed. A hint can be a simple text description or video/photos that actually show how the step is performed. VISUAL >
  • Once each step is completed, a prompt for the next step is automatically displayed. This process continues until all steps in the lesson have been completed.
  • At any time, the student can display the procedure checklist, which shows the entire operating procedure for a given lesson. This makes it convenient for students to track their progress as they work through a lesson. VISUAL >
  • When all steps are completed, a multiple-choice test measures lesson comprehension.
  • Following the test, the lesson concludes with a brief summary and a report of the student’s performance.