ProTRAX Suite

TRAX’s proprietary, state-of-the-art simulation system, ProTRAX, has become an industry standard for both engineering analyses and training simulations. ProTRAX models have a tremendous user base with hundreds of man-years of independent verification and validation.

ProTRAX Runtime Executive

Think of ProTRAX Runtime executive software as the instructor station’s central nervous system, providing the instructor with a powerful, easily traversed training system featuring a user-friendly interface. Designed to simplify the training process, this sophisticated software application allows the instructor to concentrate on the trainee, rather than simulator operation. The simulator is initialized from a desktop icon, and everything the instructor needs to launch training is displayed on the computer desktop.

The training instructor can coordinate the simulator, run the models, provide local control operations, and control a spectrum of other simulator functions right from the instructor station.

The Runtime executive also includes an operator proficiency feature that launches and manages simulator training sessions. Used by both instructors and trainees, the proficiency feature monitors, reports, and archives results of each training session.

Graphical Model Configuration and Parameterization (GCPARM)

The GCPARM program is the graphical model building arm of the ProTRAX System. GCPARM allows a user to quickly and easily build customized schematics by choosing drag-and-drop ProTRAX modules. Enter the specific data for each component (such as volumes, dimensions, geometric arrangements, or design performance curves), and then GCPARM will generate process models directly from these schematics.


The smallest basic building block of a ProTRAX model is a module. A module is a simulation of one physical component, such as a valve or pump.  A collection of modules into a process or control simulation is called a model, which may contain any number of modules and custom coding.  In many applications, it is advantageous to divide a full plant simulation into several models. In a thermal power plant simulation, the boiler, steam turbines, and feedwater train may be in one model, while the electrical system and lube oil system may be in other models.


IO_GEN is a collection of utilities and data, developed in Microsoft Visual Basic, that is used to create the I/O data connections between the control system(s) and the ProTRAX process models, as well as maintain the simulator I/O data.  The IO_GEN application can manage I/O for emulated and virtual simulators, and for various control vendors.  Users can modify the I/O connections while the simulator is running.


Each of our specially developed interfaces allow virtual control logic and ProTRAX operator interfaces to communicate with each other.  We interface with most major vendors, including ABB, Emerson, GE, Siemens, Toshiba, and others.  Contact us to find out which control systems are supported.

Translators and Emulators

Translators use a set of input files to create source code that is used to build a model.  Emulators are models that mimic the functionality of another piece of software. Emulators are commonly created to replace actual controls and HMIs from other vendors.

We use translators and emulators to replicate a control system within the ProTRAX Simulation System. An emulator package is composed of four major components:

  • Control Logic Translator
  • Controller Emulation
  • HMI Emulation
  • Support Software

The translator extracts relevant information from the control system database and transcribes that information into a text form that can be used by the emulator.