Program Development

A lesson series based on plant-specific operating scenarios, each TRAX simulator training program (STP) is custom-designed to meet the respective customer’s needs and requirements. This ensures that control room operators gain appropriate, plant-specific proficiency in the safe and efficient operation of their units.

Instructor-Guided Lessons

The STP curriculum includes easily followed, comprehensive instructor and student manuals, along with point-by-point instructions for the most efficient, effective use of the training materials.

Each lesson plan guides the instructors to focus on specific learning objectives, during classroom and simulator training. Typical lesson plans include instructor-led activities, such as role-playing and operation of local equipment. They also suggest questions to ask and important topics to discuss. The lesson plans also include an evaluation, designed to score operators’ competence in handling similar scenarios in the real plant.

The evaluation is a valuable tool for qualifying control room operators, based on how well they accomplish each lesson’s learning objectives.

Training Program Goals Include:

  • Establishing operator competence on normal operations, such as startup and shutdown, while emphasizing the use of procedures.
  • Training operators to maintain unit operation within design parameters.
  • Training operators to immediately recognize and proactively respond to abnormal or alarm conditions in a manner which returns the unit to a stable condition, corrective actions, when presented with malfunctions and unusual operational scenarios.
  • Training operators to communicate effectively with plant personnel and load dispatchers, during routine unit operation or abnormal and emergency conditions.