Training Services Overview

To ensure that our simulators are used to their full potential, TRAX offers outstanding simulator training products and services, each dedicated to the training needs of power plant instructors and operators. These programs have proven invaluable in improving operator efficiency in the plant.

Needs Assessment

No two power plants—or their personnel—have the same modeling and simulation needs. Therefore, analyzing, understanding and delivering on those needs is critical to delivering meaningful success in each instance. TRAX has a proprietary process for undertaking and delivering a quick, thorough needs assessment. We review all current programs; identify customized, simulator training program goals; gather information to estimate the type and amount of simulator training required; review plant operating data to identify critical control room operator actions and identify where performance improvement is needed; conduct a TRAX Training Needs Assessment Survey to determine training needs and strategy; evaluate current training to survey how effective it is—or isn’t!—in meeting control room performance requirements, and review existing data to support the development and implementation of efficient, effective simulator training. When we are done, your plant has a fully itemized “menu” of needs to be addressed by a customized simulator and equally as customized training.

Program Development

Based on results of the needs assessment, the TRAX simulator training program is meticulously designed to match each customer’s specific requirements. The end result? Control room operators who are successfully trained for plant-specific proficiency in safe and efficient operation.

Each, simulator training curriculum includes easily-followed, comprehensive instructor and student manuals and point-by-point instructions to zero in on specific learning objectives. In addition, each course includes comprehensive evaluation criteria for scoring operators’ competence in handling real plant scenarios. The programs created at TRAX help operators to quickly get up-to-speed on: normal operations, emphasizing the use of procedures; maintenance and unit operation; and instantly recognizing and properly responding to unusual conditions, among many other skills.

Instructorless Training

TRAX simulators deliver intuitive, instructorless training, where trainees work independently, at their own pace, while still conforming to strict training guidelines and requirements for success. The simulator provides the trainee with guidance that includes “pop-up” hints that appear on-screen and by more complete, on-screen tutorials providing simple, substantive information leading trainees through and to successive steps in the learning process. The end result is
well-trained personnel proficient in standard plant operations and in management of unexpected situations.

Instructor Training

TRAX has several patterns for providing simulator training. In some cases, along with their customized simulator, power plant managers will want their own personnel to handle training. In those cases, TRAX is pleased to help “train the trainer,” providing comprehensive instruction and guidance enabling the plant’s designated trainer to gain total familiarity with and competence on the simulator. While we still are available to provide additional guidance and direction, this scenario empowers plant personnel to schedule, regulate, and score training where and how it wishes.