ProTRAX Learning System™ is designed to meet three goals: Save time, save money and deliver training capabilities and tools that yield safe, smart operation for energy facilities.

ProTRAX Learning System eliminates the need, difficulty, and expense of developing and delivering customized training packages. In the words of a satisfied customer, “Whether it’s taking instruction, creating courses, or generating outcome reports, each process requires little more than a few clicks of the mouse. Technical support is readily available and extremely accommodating. TRAX continually strives to meet customer needs, making a great online system even better.” 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

ProTRAX Learning System Dashboard


Streamlines content delivery to instructors and trainees, enabling uniform training across different locations under coordinated supervision. Plus, training isn’t time-constrained – users take courses on-demand, whenever it’s convenient.

ProTRAX Learning System™ lets you:


  • Web-based training courses
  • Timed presentations
  • Downloadable assignments
  • Student surveys
  • Timed quizzes
  • True/false quiz questions
  • Multiple choice/answer quiz questions
  • Course packages
  • Organizational hierarchies
  • User registration codes
  • Student enrollments
  • Organization-level administration
  • Purchasable courses
  • Portable course syllabi
  • Package enrollment codes
  • Instructions
  • Content categories
  • Timed assesments
  • Quiz cheating prevention
  • Real-time course feedback
  • Course completion certificates
  • Weighted course areas
  • Certification transfer documents
  • Assignment interaction history
  • Course expiration
  • Course, package & assignment validation
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • 128+ bit SSL encryption
  • 99.74% uptime
  • Full system backups
  • Flexible upgrade times
  • Interactive learning with access from anywhere
  • Timed course assignments
  • Ordered assignments
  • Randomized quiz questions
  • Available anytime
  • Instant assignemnt feedback
  • Download assignments & documents
  • Review completed assignments
  • Auto quiz-retake generation
  • Cross-browser access
  • View course progress
  • View past courses
  • Purchase courses online
  • Expiration dates
  • Enrollment dates
  • Completion status
  • Purchase status
  • Transaction ID
  • Course/package
  • Content type
  • Student name
  • Organization (including nesting)
  • Export XLS & CSV
  • Sort by columns

ProTRAX Learning System™ enables administrators to:

  • Create courses and upload content from existing documents (e.g., Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Word®, Microsoft® Excel®, Adobe® PDF, images, videos, HTML)
  • Enroll participants and create organizations
  • View participant activity and course progress

Enrolled participants can:

  • Download and review documents via a web browser
  • Take online quizzes
  • Evaluate recently completed courses
  • View personal course progress
  • View quiz scores

Administrators ensure completion certificates accurately reflect users’ learning with:

  • Timed assignments
  • Quizzes with integral answer-sharing prevention
  • Encrypted session information




ProTRAX Learning System™ delivers engaging, dynamic curricula via sophisticated built-in, user-friendly tools. Training is possible any time, wherever there’s a high-speed connection.  With incorporated, reliable tracking and reporting, senior plant personnel receive detailed course feedback and progress reports.

ProTRAX Learning System™ lets you:

  • Save time: There’s no time wasted on classroom scheduling, travel or training preparation. With the ProTRAX Learning System, just upload content, enroll students, and watch their progress.
  • Increase sales: The system integrates seamlessly with, allowing you to sell your courses online. Students can browse and search through the purchasable courses in your online store, add them to a shopping cart and check out at any time.
  • Get support: The TRAX team of technology professionals vigilantly supports your software and hosting environment. With decades of experience in software development and information technology, TRAX is there for you 24/7/365.
  • Provide availability: Enjoy 24/7 web access to all training content, allowing your students to have the freedom to securely complete courses online at any time.
  • Reduce costs: Get the advantage of delivering training to even thousands of students simultaneously to reduce your costs and those of your students.
  • Develop features: Add the additional features and functions you need! ProTRAX Learning System is built upon an extensible framework, allowing rapid, secure implementation of new features.
  • Share responsibility: Even with thousands of users and multiple organizations, you can distribute user management and reporting responsibilities to other administrators, so that you can focus elsewhere. You can also provide students with the ability to register their own user accounts and enroll themselves in approved courses.
  • Enjoy security: The ProTRAX Learning System uses your choice of SSL encryption, along with its user-role hierarchy–ensuring only the right people see restricted content. In addition, the system is hosted in a secure data center with multiple forms of protection, both physical and virtual.