ProTRAX Software

ProTRAX® is the global industry’s standard-setter for engineering analyses and training simulations.

Our worldwide user base means ProTRAX models have earned tremendous independent verification and validation.

ProTRAX® Software Delivers the Highest Fidelity

ProTRAX offers high-fidelity simulators that meticulously represent your plant’s specific operations. Each ProTRAX simulator replicates the exact configuration of the simulated facility. Every model’s individual components are tailored to the plant environment, addressing both current and projected challenges and opportunities.

TRAX’s integrated simulation software includes our graphical model builder, simulator run-time executive, translators, emulators, and interfaces.


  • Real-time and accelerated simulation: Run the simulator in real time, or speed it up to pass quickly through time-consuming events
  • Dynamic simulation: Model any operating state, not just a steady state
  • Malfunction simulation: Prepare for real events before they happen
  • Graphical schematics: Facilitate development and training processes using familiar visuals
  • Data trending: Predict event outcomes through custom transient analysis
  • Third-party interfaces: Interact with third-party software, including:
    ABB, Allen Bradley, Emerson, Toshiba
  • Modularity: Develop custom modules that accurately portray your plant’s configuration
  • Hard panel simulation: Replicate hard-panel pistol grips, toggle switches, push buttons, gauges and other devices using animated graphics
  • User-friendly: Enjoy the convenience of instructorless training and student mentoring
  • First-principles based: Choose from environmental-control sets, including:
    • Air gas
    • Boiler
    • Balance of Plant
    • Combined cycle
    • Electrical
    • Pollution control
    • Auxiliary (e.g., heating oil/small auxiliary systems)


System Requirements

ProTRAX Software Requirements


Because ProTRAX simulation software is modulated at several levels, you get:

  • A process module library based on a plant’s physical components rather than thermodynamic nodes
  • Controls developed in the familiar ISA/SAMA block form
  • Independent control-system models representing individual plant-control functions
  • Independent process-subsystem models that can be developed and tested separately
  • Functions operating on separate systems to reflect actual plant performance
  • Interface support with popular DCS virtual hosts, and controls-emulation support via TRAX’s extensive DCS and PLC emulator library