Representative Bob Goodlatte Visits TRAX Energy Solutions

LYNCHBURG, VA – November 23, 2015 – Congressman Bob Goodlatte, along with his Chief-of-Staff, Pete Larkin, and his Lynchburg District Representative, Aaron Van Allen, visited TRAX Energy Solutions to learn about TRAX’s innovative advances in workforce development and energy operations training.  John Kenney, President of TRAX, Greg Kosowski, Vice President Engineering, and John Coleman, Director of Software and Development, discussed how TRAX’s partnerships with colleges and universities (like Ohio Valley University’s Energy Management & Production Engineering degree), unique advances in plant modeling and simulation technologies (i.e. carbon capture and sequestration or renewable energy production), and TRAX’s involvement in championing the Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium are bringing Lynchburg, Virginia, to the forefront of the energy industry.

One of the highlights of the visit was the demonstration of VC3T–TRAX’s virtual reality combined-cycle power plant simulation training tool.  With VC3T, trainees can “work together as a crew in a virtual world,” John Coleman explained, and solve real-world, real-time power plant crises.  Poised at the cutting-edge of the virtual world for industrial applications, Representative Goodlatte commented that “gaming can generate the revenue for research and development” that is very much needed in Virginia’s energy industry.

Afterwards, Representative Goodlatte and his staff greeted TRAX employees and addressed issues surrounding energy research and workforce development in Virginia and the rest of the country.  Emphasizing that, “we have the raw resources and human talent to create energy in this country,” he praised TRAX for its focus on expanding its research and development.  While these issues are complex and global in nature, he closed his visit by saying, “We need to let creativity drive this,” specifically here in Virginia, one of America’s founding colonies.