TRAX Courses at OVU

ovubannerLYNCHBURG, VA – March 18, 2015 – Ohio Valley University (OVU) has selected TRAX as a technical partner in the university’s new four-year Bachelor of Science program, “Energy Management & Production Engineering.”

The core curriculum of the new course will include TRAX’s Industrial Energy I & II training program. Industrial Energy I & II was developed in cooperation with Liberty University, which has been using the course program for two years. The program combines traditional, energy-related learning content in the first semester with hands-on, applied skills at the controls of a full-scope Combined Cycle Power Plant simulator in the second semester. Both semesters can be delivered fully online or in the classroom, offering maximum flexibility to students.

OVU’s program has been a fast-tracked success, capturing the imagination of industry, academia, and prospective students. More examples of this hybrid learning will likely be developed for Ohio Valley’s program – look for the Power Electrical Substation Fundamentals & Operations and Process Industrial Fundamentals & Operations programs soon.

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