TRAX Named Technology Company of the Year

2015 TechEDGE Award

Photo Credit: Region 2000 Technology Council


At the annual Region 2000 Technology Council TechEDGE awards dinner in October, TRAX Energy Solutions was named the 2015 Technology Company of the Year. Awarded for its “contributions as a regional technology leader in the development of groundbreaking technologies,” TRAX was specifically recognized for its 3-D virtual training products and partnerships with local and regional universities to develop cloud-based power plant simulation courses.
“It’s fantastic to be recognized as Technology Company of the Year by Region 2000,” said John Kenney, President of TRAX. “Our team has worked very hard and TRAX has once again led the way in introducing cutting edge technology in our energy market space, as well as change to traditional workforce programs.”

Redesigning the future of education lies at the heart of TRAX’s training initiatives. Traditional teaching methods like rote memorization and lectures can only go so far in educating the 21st century energy professional. By marrying cloud-based simulation with the “hands-on” technology of 3D gaming, TRAX is reinventing what it means to go to school.

Several key partnerships define this energy education shift—Ohio Valley University (OVU), Liberty University, and Central Virginia Community College (CVCC). At each, the focus is slightly different. OVU, located in Vienna, West Virginia, and TRAX teamed together to create a four-year Bachelor of Science in Energy Management & Production Engineering with over twenty students per graduating year currently enrolled. These students will go on to become power plant technicians, safety managers, environmental impact staff, and others involved in production engineering and energy management. Liberty University, in Lynchburg, Virginia, contracted with TRAX to offer its simulation courses as part of an industrial STEM cognate minor. CVCC is currently working to develop similar course offerings.

The TechEDGE award significantly underlines how technology innovation in Central Virginia region is a team effort. By working with local universities, companies, and other organizations to build a coalition of interested educators, employers, and job seekers in the Virginia Energy Workforce Consortium, and through also partnering with energy providers across the world, TRAX Energy Solutions is helping solve global energy problems at the local, “made in Virginia,” level.