TRAX Supports Utilities Affected by CSAPR

Wet stack associated with FGD addition

Wet stack associated with FGD addition

LYNCHBURG, VA – May 8, 2014

The U.S. power industry faces substantial changes after the Supreme Court upheld the EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule, or CSAPR, in April.  This specific portion of the Clean Air Act aims to regulate the interstate transport of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

TRAX offers several analytical tools based on 27 years of experience in modeling and simulation to help utilities meet the challenges imposed by the court-upheld EPA requirements.  Our highly specialized and independent furnace draft analyses for environmental equipment additions have helped hundreds of clients avoid performance problems before the equipment is ever installed.  We have also used our modeling and analysis to assist clients who are investigating coal-to-gas conversion or blended biomass solutions.

We will continue to support the power industry with optimal solutions as the EPA considers additional rulings regarding greenhouse gas emissions.