TRAX Technologies Help Utilities in Latest EPA Regulations


LYNCHBURG, VA – June 2, 2014

TRAX engineering analysis uses first-principles modeling and simulation to provide the most flexible and diverse set of tools available to the utility industry today.

Today’s latest carbon emission reduction mandates from EPA mean many U.S. coal power plants will be under increasing pressure to:

  1. Add Air Quality Control Systems
  2. Undergo fuel conversions
  3. Shut down

TRAX Furnace Draft and Boiler Implosion Studies have been provided to utilities and their engineering consultants for more than 25 years. Validated ProTRAX software, combined with our experienced engineers, make us the TRansient Analysis eXperts – it’s in our DNA.

Our experience in fuel conversion certainly includes converting coal plants to natural gas. We also have global experience showing the exact performance expectations and results of blending biomass with coal to mitigate emissions. This impact on boiler heat rate performance is too critical for utilities to estimate.

Let TRAX use our experience to help you navigate through these changing and challenging times. Join us for a free webinar (TRAX Solutions for New Environmental Rules) to discuss utility response to the new EPA mandates on Wednesday June 25, 2014, starting at 1:30 PM EDT.

For more detailed information, or if you would like to speak directly with us, please contact TRAX.