Trax Gives You

A Global Track Record of Success

TRAX Energy Solutions means business. Our proprietary simulation and modeling software is proven to help customers anticipate challenges in their operations and innovate measurably effective, reliable responses. That’s how we’ve delivered success to hundreds of commercial clients like Duke Energy, SCE&G, TVA, Southern Company, and many others worldwide.

Focused Customer Service

We treat you, your company, and your business requirements with meticulous care and proactive attention. First, we listen and learn, carefully gathering and analyzing your data and requirements. Our software professionals then go to work solving your problems, putting decades of modeling and simulation-specific experience and skill into developing and delivering timely solutions. We not only forecast possible future issues; we prepare you to successfully handle them should they emerge.

Cost-Effective, Time-Saving

Along with measured success, our industry demands timely results and the greatest possible efficiencies. TRAX delivers! An industry standard-setter, TRAX employs acknowledged best practices to bring leading-edge software solutions to energy industry owners. The end result is work that’s on the money and on-target to help your operations run at peak performance—on any continent, in any time zone.

Smart People Who See Beyond The Obvious

Our team of seasoned software engineers far exceeds what’s required to replicate and simulate every knob, connection, twist and turn of your plant’s operations. They envision all possible future events—good or bad—that can impact your operations. They then utilize TRAX’s proprietary software to create, test, and validate exactly what you’ll need to do, how to overcome operational challenges, and when to leverage emerging opportunities.