About Us

TRAX specializes in engineering, simulation, and training for clients in the power generation industry. Our skilled engineers individually customize simulation and engineering solutions that proactively address an energy provider’s present and emerging energy management challenges.  Our strategic direction sees us:

  • Continue as leader in the power generation modeling and simulation industry.
  • Maintain a reputation for providing the highest quality products and services.
  • Strive to provide zero-defect products by implementing continual improvements according to our ISO-certified procedures.
  • Forecast the industry’s future needs by proactively monitoring industry trends, and developing products and services to meet those needs in years to come.
  • Encourage employees’ creativity and talents by providing an enjoyable and challenging work environment, and offering ample opportunities for individual growth.


We are a division of TRAX International, the global company whose more than 2,200 employees deliver a broad spectrum of sophisticated and often proprietary technical services and products to governments and commercial enterprise. Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, TRAX International has operations strategically placed across the U.S.,  Central and Latin America, and Asia.


TRAX training simulators represent the premier training systems in today’s power generation industry.  These systems include not only the highest-fidelity simulator available today, but all the tools to make your simulator a highly effective training tool. With over 200 training simulators delivered worldwide, and covering many types of plants, we have the experience to simulate today’s new technologies in generating clean, renewal power as well as traditional applications.


Deploying our world-class modeling and simulation for:

  1. Emissions Regulatory Compliance
  2. Alternative Energy Solutions
  3. Electrical Transmission & Distribution Systems
  4. Nuclear Balance of Plant Applications

At TRAX, we address complex, global energy changes and provide tools and a clear path forward for successfully navigating to your optimal energy solution.


TRAX is leading the way to provide the future of energy training. The new ProTRAX Cloud™ combines the power of high-fidelity simulation with the simplicity of the Web to power plant operator training. With the Cloud, training is available around the clock, from any internet-enabled location, whether using a PC, laptop, or mobile device.  In addition, we can supply a wide-range of training solutions from in-house, instructor training to full-blown plant simulators.

We’re focused on bringing you tomorrow’s training solutions today.