Engineering Services

Today’s global concerns about energy management and greenhouse gas reduction present new challenges and opportunities for modeling and simulation solutions. TRAX addresses today’s challenges to retrofit existing power plants and design tomorrow’s solutions for clean energy power systems. Our 30 years of experience in the modeling and simulation arena have made us a leader in fossil plant engineering analysis.  In fact, TRAX has modeled hundreds of power plants throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

Emissions Regulatory Compliance

International air standards require consideration of various approaches to emissions reduction. TRAX's dynamic transient studies successfully validate design performance and help safeguard existing generation assets.

Alternative Energy Solutions

TRAX has modeled the most innovative power systems, including networked, SCADA-controlled hydro-electric systems, pumped storage, CAES, biomass, PV, and CSP solar, as well as several integrated combinations of these.

Electrical Modeling and Simulation

TRAX delivers all the resources and tools to accurately model and validate electrical designs that manage dynamic power loads on new and existing grids or microgrids.

Nuclear Balance of Plant (BOP)

TRAX can model nuclear plant BOP operations. Our scope may include process and controls validation, the ability to analyze future configurations and operator training for BOP equipment.