ProTRAX Improvement – Status Window


The Status Window is meant to be the user’s central location for checking the status of all simulator components, including models, interfaces, and initial conditions.  It collects and interprets numerous files to make viewing, navigating, and understanding the simulator’s status easier.  The Status Window consists of three main collections:

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  • Statuses – the state of sub controllers, TCP/IP connections, licenses, or anything that is persistent
  • Events – includes RTEXEC commands such as a RUN, FREEZE, or LOAD
  • Logs – these are similar to traditional log statements in mon or log files, and can also be associated with a Status or Event


  • Filtering based on labels and priorities (e.g., display debug messages or show only errors and warnings)
  • Progress indicators for long-running statuses or events, such as LOADAV
  • Filter logs via a search box
  • Error notification when the Status Window is configured to bring itself into the foreground on an error or warning
  • Configure and sort columns to show/hide, re-order, and sort columns
  • Anytime use in running or shut down simulators