RTEXEC Improvements – Initial Condition Groups


TREE VIEW – using the new view options, users can organize initial conditions by group.

RTEXEC now gives you the ability to place your initial condition (AV) files in groups, making it easier to organize and browse your initial conditions. Users can toggle between two views in the save and load dialog windows: List View and Tree View. This allows users to select initial conditions from a detailed list, or from collapsible groups.

The displayed initial condition files may be sorted by any column by clicking on the column header.  For reference, the most recently accessed file is displayed in red. The optional Subject field is also helpful for identifying AV files. This field is used to enter a description of the AV file for future use.

In the save and load dialog windows, the user can quickly add groups by right clicking on “AV Files” and selecting “Add Group.” Then, easily add initial conditions to each new group by dragging-and-dropping filenames into the group. A “(No Group)” heading is available for ungrouped initial condition files.