Configuration Types

TRAX offers four different simulator system configurations: virtual, hybrid, fully emulated, and fully stimulated. Each configuration delivers its own unique advantages.

The best configuration for any given unit depends on the system’s intended use, the control vendor, and your simulator budget.


Virtual System

Virtual simulators use the actual code from both the control logic and the human machine interface (HMI).

The control logic is “wrapped” in a software envelope, allowing it to run on a PC instead of the plant’s hardware controller. This results in precisely the same functionality as the plant’s actual controls. In addition, the simulator HMI screens use the actual DCS graphics, which are set up to run on PCs. In both functionality and appearance, the HMI on the simulator is an exact reproduction of the actual graphics in the plant

Fully Emulated System

Fully emulated systems use an emulation of both the control logic and the operator interface. Emulation is achieved by translating the plant control logic and graphics into the simulator environment, effectively reproducing the functional operation of the actual controls and the graphic interface of the HMI.

Hybrid System

Hybrid systems are combinations of the fully emulated and fully stimulated systems. The control logic is translated just as it is for the fully emulated system. The operator interface uses the actual control vendor’s operator consoles, which are connected to the emulated control logic. A specially developed interface allows the control logic and operator interface to communicate with each other.

Fully Stimulated System

Fully stimulated systems use the control vendor’s hardware for both the control logic and the operator consoles. Via a specially designed interface, the simulator process models communicate directly with the actual controllers, which then transfer information to the HMI. The same control files that are used in the plant are loaded onto the controllers, and the same graphic files that are used in the control room are loaded onto the simulator HMI consoles.