Maintenance Services

Our customers expect only the best. TRAX simulators are known for their reliability and accuracy and so are our maintenance services. Maintaining a simulator at peak efficiency requires a regular schedule of updates. That’s why TRAX offers a full range of maintenance services, designed to keep your simulator in perfect tune with the latest plant improvements.

TRAX develops personalized maintenance solutions to fit your plant’s internal operating plan and its annual upgrade budget and schedule.


Runtime Updates

New features are continually added to ProTRAX simulator Runtime executive software, regularly improving training effectiveness and user convenience. We can install these updates on your simulator, during a dedicated visit or in combination with other maintenance services. If security rules permit, this work can be performed remotely from our offices.

Simulator Scope Extensions

Plant owners should regularly assess whether the scope of their simulator adequately addresses training objectives, particularly as additional process elements are added to power stations. These additions frequently relate to environmental compliance demands, requiring the addition of equipment such as precipitators, SCRs, FGDs, mercury removal systems, etc. These new systems generally require additional training, enabling operators to effectively run the plant.

Simulator Configuration Conversions

Many owners are evaluating the conversion of older simulators to configurations that are less dependent on aging DCS controller hardware. Clearly, solutions vary by DCS manufacturer; however, TRAX’s seasoned professional team can offer a range of efficient and cost-effective alternatives to you.

Synch Services

TRAX can synchronize your simulator to match current plant processes and DCS logic and graphics. Depending on the state of the simulator, this may require an initial analysis phase to assess the differences between the simulator and plant. Once synchronization has been completed, we recommend that a continuous maintenance plan be implemented to keep your simulator up to date.

DCS Control System Changes

The accelerated pace of changes in DCS systems and the realities of obsolescence continue to drive owners to make wholesale change-outs of their original DCS systems.

Ideally, a DCS upgrade should include a parallel simulator upgrade, providing the added benefits of using the simulator for DCS logic checkout and startup training. This approach drives the fastest and safest after-outage startups, as a result of integrated testing and increased operator knowledge. Additionally, it protects the existing simulator investment, assuring the continuation of a relevant training program.

Advanced Simulator Services

As TRAX continues introducing new simulator-related products, options for improving your simulator’s effectiveness are growing.

For example the ProTRAX Teaching Assistant™ is a self-paced, instructional tool that provides effective power plant training through a virtual instructor, allowing use of the simulator even when an instructor is unavailable. Adding a product such as the ProTRAX Teaching Assistant™ to your simulator gives an entirely new dimension to training and maximizes potential uses of your simulator.