Simulator Training

An operator training simulator promotes safety and preparedness by enabling operators to practice in a safe environment.  The ongoing training of power plant operators results in a reduced number of operator-triggered trips, more efficient startups, and potentially the prevention of major equipment damage caused by improper or inadequate operator training.  TRAX has a variety of strategies to help increase safety, knowledge, and efficiency through different forms of training.

TRAX Tutorial Lessons

TRAX Tutorial Lessons are customized videos demonstrating specific operations in the plant.  The topic of each tutorial is selected by plant personnel, and can cover any plant function: how to put a condensate system in service, how to tie on a generator, etc.  The tutorials are designed to supplement training materials, and allow operators to practice specific tasks with or without the trainer being present.

TRAX captures operational video straight from the specific simulator, and then adds audio and assembles a complete video lesson.  The tutorials are delivered as local files that can be accessed on the Instructor Station, Operator Station, or tablet.  Plant-specific tutorials can also be made available as private videos on YouTube that are accessible only with a password.

View an example of a TRAX Tutorial Lesson video here:

Engineer Training

The Engineer Training program is designed for engineers who will be modifying or building models using the ProTRAX model-building program (GCPARM).  This class covers:

  • Modularity concepts
  • How module interconnections are made
  • Model configuration, generation, and execution
  • Diagnostics during model building

At the end of this class, the student will be able to build models, modify existing models, and update the software system.


Simulator Operations Training for Instructors

With every simulator, TRAX includes a Simulator Operations Training class to teach simulator instructors how to use the ProTRAX instructor station features  for the most effective training.  For customers with existing simulators, TRAX can deliver this training at your facility to refresh your skills on the simulator.

Advanced Simulator Operations Training

TRAX offers an additional one-week course that builds upon the lessons learned during the Simulator Operations Training course to further prepare instructors to conduct simulator training on their own.  The TRAX trainer will work directly with the site instructor during actual simulator operator training, helping the instructor develop comfort and familiarity with the ProTRAX Instructor Console and the skills needed to independently conduct operator training.

Simulator Training Lesson Plans

Comprised of lessons based on plant-specific operating scenarios, TRAX’s Simulator Training Lesson Plan (STLP) curriculum is custom-designed to ensure that control room operators gain proficiency in the safe and efficient operation of the unit. Each lesson is intended to develop the specific knowledge and skills appropriate for an operator at a particular experience level.

Instructor Lesson Plans guide the instructor during classroom and simulator training to focus on specific learning objectives.  Lesson plans include instructor activities such as role-playing and operating local equipment, and provide suggested questions to ask and important topics to discuss.  Also included are the expected student actions during various training activities.