Simulators Overview

Simulator training has proven to be the most effective means for teaching plant operations and qualifying operators. TRAX is the world’s leading supplier of high-fidelity, fossil plant operator training simulators.

Our experience speaks volumes. Every TRAX simulator, ranging from our full-scope, plant-specific offerings to our generic models, includes advanced training tools and features that will prove to be essential to the achievement of your plant’s training goals.



Over the course of 25 years, TRAX has delivered more than 200 operator training simulators worldwide. Our vast experience includes work with leading-edge power generation technologies, including CFB, IGCC, and environmental control procedures such as FGD, SCR, and mercury removal.

While TRAX’s primary focus is on fossil fuel power plant simulators, our areas of expertise also include pulp and paper processes, HVAC, air separation plants, energy storage systems, and chemical processes.


Using a TRAX operator training simulator has been proven to reduce training time by a factor of five! Trained operators are faster, more confident, more highly skilled, and run a safer plant.  The benefits of a TRAX simulator extend far beyond operator training. Since every TRAX simulator faithfully replicates a specific plant, operations personnel can use it to develop procedures, train operators on new features and procedures, qualify operators for promotions, develop and test new screens and controls, and dissect causes of frequent problems, all without disturbing plant operations.

Training simulators prove especially valuable during new plant design and commissioning and control system upgrades. Thanks to the high fidelity of TRAX simulators, the plant’s operating procedures and control logic are rigorously tested during simulator development and testing.  This dramatically reduces initial startup problems and expenses. In addition, control techs can develop control system logic changes and test the results against the simulator, technicians can practice tuning controls and installing control improvements without affecting actual plant operation, and the engineering staff can investigate the heat rate and stability effects of process and operational changes (e.g., adding a bypass or changing startup procedures).

The bottom line impact of all these benefits? The purchase price of a TRAX simulator is often paid back within the first year.  The TRAX simulator itself can deliver a raft of economic benefits related to safety and reliability: quicker startup and commissioning, effective operator pre-training, operating procedure checkout, engineer and maintenance training, increased process operation efficiency, design and verification of plant upgrades, and reduced lifecycle costs.


As the global standard-setter in modeling and simulation, TRAX offers diverse experience complemented by more than two decades in the field. That has given us the opportunity and ability to optimize not only our industry-leading, simulation software, but also the simulator development process itself.

Long-term affiliations with major control companies and implementation partners worldwide are further proof of TRAX’s reliability, reputation, and proactive customer support throughout the simulator project’s life.