Graphical Model Configuration and Parameterization (GCPARM) allows a user to quickly and easily build customized schematics by choosing drag-and-drop ProTRAX modules. Enter the specific data for each component (such as volumes, dimensions, geometric arrangements, or design performance curves), and then GCPARM will generate process models directly from these schematics.

Modular Modeling

This system is modular at the component level, allowing the user to interconnect modules representing pumps, valves, superheaters, turbine stages, etc., into any physically-realistic configuration. All module formulations are based on first principles conservation relations, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, and well-established constitutive relations for heat transfer and fluid mechanics. The resulting executable models are operated from a graphic-based environment, which provides extensive capability for controlling the models and displaying the results in various formats. The ability to coordinate multiple models so that they operate as a single large model allows construction of models with no practical size limit.

Model Generation

The configuration of a model schematic is the first step in the development of a ProTRAX model. Configuring the model includes choosing the appropriate ProTRAX modules, arranging them to best represent the process to be simulated, and connecting the modules with flowstreams.  Next, users enter component-specific data.  This includes physical data (such as volumes, dimensions, geometric arrangements, or design performance curves) and operating point data (such as pressures, flowrates, temperatures, and enthalpies). After this process has been completed, a model file can be generated.


The ProTRAX system is divided into distinct module sets, or libraries, designated by scope or application. Many of the modules are included in more than one library, as modules can be used for multiple applications.  Each ProTRAX system includes only those module sets required for a specific application.

Available Libraries

The list below describes the types of modules available in each library.  Contact TRAX for more detailed information about available modules.

AC Electrical
  • Generator
  • Motors
  • Power distribution components
  • Gas and oil components
  • Simplified electrical components
  • Steam turbine
  • Feedwater train components
  • Condenser
  • Once-through boiler
  • Drum boiler
  • Boiler associated components
CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed)
  • CFB boiler components
Combined Cycle
  • Gas turbine components
  • HRSG components
  • Pollution control equipment, including FGD and SCR
  • Flow stream compositions for approximately 25 mixtures for various applications, including gasification, pulp & paper, wastewater, sulfuric acid, etc.
  • ISA/SAMA control modules
  • Boundary condition modules