ProTRAX Overview

TRAX’s proprietary, state-of-the-art simulation system, ProTRAX, is a modular, dynamic simulation system designed for use on standard computers. Modules are available to represent virtually every power generation component in a fossil power plant, including furnaces, superheaters, gas turbines, HRSGs, steam turbines, and pumps.  There are around 200 standard process modules in the ProTRAX library that have been tested in hundreds of training simulators and engineering-grade simulators.

PROTRAX Runtime Executive

The ProTRAX Runtime executive software is the control center for the entire simulator, providing the instructor with a powerful, easily traversed training system featuring a user-friendly interface.


The Graphical Model Configuration and Parameterization (GCPARM) is the graphical model-building arm of the ProTRAX System.

PROTRAX Features

TRAX continually invests in the ProTRAX software, adding capabilities to an already extensive software suite.  See some of our more popular features and add-ons.