ProTRAX Runtime Executive

The ProTRAX Run Time Executive (RTEXEC) serves multiple functions, including coordinating a simulator, controlling training sessions, and running the models.


Run/Freeze: Run starts the models, controls, and operator screens.  The models run until stopped with a Freeze command, or until a pre-defined time is reached.

Fast/Slow Time: The execution speed of the process models can be increased selectively within the range allowed by the Virtual system, or can be slowed down by any reasonable factor.

Initial Conditions: Conditions for the models can easily be saved and then restored at a later time.  An unlimited number of initial conditions can be saved with a TRAX simulator.

Dynamic Schematics: Valuable dynamic information can be obtained from a schematic by selecting a component or flowstream.  View or change parameters and create or invoke malfunctions for the selected component.

Parameter Changes: The instructor can change component parameters such as valve characteristics, flow coefficients, heat-transfer coefficients, controller gains, and physical dimensions while the simulator is running or frozen.

Snapshots/Backtrack: Snapshots can be taken while the simulator is running, without interrupting the dynamic simulation.  Once saved, the Snapshot files can be easily loaded to restore the simulator to the Snapshot state.

Trends: Any variable in the system can be trended with simple drag and drop features.


ProTRAX allows the instructor to create and save pre-configured training exercises, called Scenarios.  Scenarios offer an easy way for the instructor to run a complex training exercise from a simple menu selection.  Scenarios offer several benefits for an instructor:

  • Instructors have the ability to execute repeatable training exercises for multiple students, providing a common grading structure.
  • Because the exercises are pre-configured, the instructor may concentrate on training the student, not manipulating the simulator software.
  • After each student executes a Scenario, ProTRAX will automatically save lesson results of the student’s performance, creating a consistent evaluation platform for all students.


Instructors can choose from a number of standard failure modes for any component.  The capability to fail every pump, fan, valve, heat exchanger, transmitter, and control element is provided.

ProTRAX provides tools for the instructor to easily create additional malfunctions.  Many of these failure modes are variable in size and rate; that is, the instructor can specify the magnitude of a tube leak and the rate at which the leak occurs.

Malfunctions may be initiated directly from the model schematics or from a Malfunction Execution window.  This window allows the instructor to manage all malfunctions from a single view.

Trainee Login

RTEXEC contains the Trainee Proficiency System, which is used to set up and initialize the simulator for training, record trainee performance, and manage simulator users.  It allows instructors to quantitatively and objectively measure operators’ performance under a variety of selectable operating conditions.  The Trainee Proficiency System is made up of three basic areas:

  • Scenario Creation: Allows an instructor to define operating conditions or scenarios.
  • Lesson Results: Reports trainee performance in the session results file, which displays the trainee’s performance with data and graphics.
  • User Management: Manages users of the simulator system and their records.