TRAX Simulator Maintenance Manager


The value of the testing and training using your simulator is directly correlated to the fidelity of that simulator.  Enabling the simulation system to evolve with the plant is an important part of keeping a training asset viable for the life of the plant.  The TRAX Simulator Maintenance Manager is an easy-to-use, secure site for organizing simulator issues.

Identify and Capture

Many items can cause a simulation system to deviate from existing plant conditions:

  • New, deleted, or revised I/O
  • Relocated, resized, or replaced equipment
  • Updated control logic
  • Modified control panels

The TRAX Simulator Maintenance Manager provides a structure for identifying the scope of the changes.  The online organizational tool allows a user to create “issues” relating to each noted discrepancy, and to share screenshots or files for additional clarity.


The Maintenance Manager includes a process for determining the scope of differences between the plant and the simulation system.  Users can set the priority of an issue based on the impact to training quality and simulator performance.


Once the simulator maintenance items are prioritized, users can follow issues on any of the provided dashboards.  The Maintenance Manager also provides a mechanism to group issues for better organization.  Sort and filter issues by priority, report date, or other desired criterion to get the best visibility into the reported issues.


The Maintenance Manager can help demonstrate the need for maintenance to plant management by producing a formal issue list.  When the nature or number of issues indicates a service call is due, TRAX will work with plant personnel to group the most urgent issues for attention.