University of Warwick Researchers Using ProTRAX Software

LYNCHBURG, VA — March 28, 2017


Doctors Jacek Wojcik and Jihong Wang of the University of Warwick have published a study using the ProTRAX software package to investigate retrofitting conventional power plants with thermal energy storage.  The “Technical Feasibility Study of Thermal Energy Storage Integration into the Conventional Power Plant Cycle” study shows that equipping conventional power plants with energy storage, in order to compensate for the load changes that renewable energy sources produce, can improve overall system responsiveness.

TRAX worked with Dr. Wojcik to establish the simulation platform, providing the latest version of ProTRAX 7.2 to the University of Warwick in 2016.  ProTRAX was selected to build the boiler and balance of plant (BOP) models due to the ability to “accurately simulate off-design conditions, which is highly important in the low load factor operation scenarios considered [in the study].”  Dr. Wojcik additionally cites ProTRAX’s modular layout and specialized mathematical behaviors as selection criteria.

TRAX is proud to support academic research, and we congratulate Dr. Wojcik and Dr. Wang on their latest publication!


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Wojcik, Jacek D. and Wang , Jihong. (2017) Technical feasibility study of thermal energy storage integration into the conventional power plant cycle. Energies.

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